Sustainable Organization

Ever look at home organizing sites and think….wow, that looks amazing but not for me!

“I would spend all my time on the upkeep.”

“This is not sustainable – it wouldn’t last 20 seconds in my house.”

“Who are these people kidding? I GIVE UP.”

Well I am here to tell you that organization doesn’t mean your home has to look like a magazine photo shoot. The Sort is dedicated to creating organized living for…………….wait for it……………LIVING!

Here is an example:

This is what my kids playroom looks like on a good day….not pretty, but hey I have two small children and being a kid is messy business.

Despite the mess, there is an organization system in place.

And, I truly believe that mess and organization can work together.

Get a good system set up and BOOM, clean-up becomes a breeze.

We just purchased the Ikea TROFAST shelving unit which works awesome in this room. Each bin houses different toys which the kids can easily access and also easily put away.

The Lego table used to be our train table, but we are on a train break, so a quick conversion and viola a space for Lego’s (more on organizing those another time, because as anyone with Lego’s knows – how to organize them is a debate for the ages!).

The key is to have a space for everything and a system that the kids can understand so they can get involved in the cleanup and take ownership for their mess without feeling overwhelmed by elaborate organizing systems.

Cars in the door hanger……..

Bins for toys (what did we do without those?!)…….

Shelves for games……..

Table for Lego’s.

10 mins (usually) and done!

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